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One of Kyla's founding members, Dennis likes to work in watercolour and enjoys mixmedia and print work with wood and lino cuts.

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Born and raised in Prince Albert, I am fascinated with the complexities of people, awed by nature, and very aware of the energies of my experiences.  Painting since childhood, it is what I speak about with my art: reflections of a rich myriad of moments.  Working primarily in acrylic, I also enjoy playing with other mediums and new techniques.

Bonnie  lives in the rural Prince Albert area and loves spending time at northern lakes.  She loves capturing nature’s  ever changing moods in her paintings as well as the character and movement of animals, birds and people. Bonnie is primarily an oil painter but also paints in watercolour and ink, and acrylics.

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A background in biology combines with a lifelong passion for art to impart a unique perspective in Patti’s work. Patti finds beauty and inspiration in the grand and the minute. Her art is informed by an ongoing interest in our relationship with the natural world. Patti feels privileged to live and work in Saskatchewan.

Patti works primarily in glass mosaic.




Caron lives in Lac La Ronge where access to the boreal landscape is immediate and constant. She works primarily in landscape, and in 3 different media: watercolour; watercolour batik; and fabric.

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Annette loves working in her newest medium, pyrography, in addition to watercolour, oil, acrylic, ink and charcoal. Subjects are varied but often include wildlife, pets, florals, farm themes, and landscapes. She also designs and hand knits lacy shawls and wraps.
Annette has been living in Prince Albert since 1990. her family has strong ties to the Shell Lake area. Annette has been a member of the Kyla Art Group since 2005.



Jaret works with all kinds of metals, the majority being repurposed. He enjoys making something from what others might see as worthless!!



I live in Prince Albert with my husband John and my four children. Ten years ago, I decided to take my art to the next level and start working more seriously to become a professional level artist. I learn from experience and experimentation. I work mainly with acrylics, but experiment with many different mediums. My inspiration comes from many different places - nature, my dreams, literature, politics, religion, life. I aspire to create imaginative, textured pieces that bring the viewer a little closer and feeds their minds with conversation.

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Marcel has a fond connection with nature specifically wood and stone. He believes there are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Marcel uncovers the beauty of raw stone through shaping , polishing and featuring each in hand crafted wire wrapping. If rock is not your forte then Marcel also recaptures a new spirit through his hand carved wood pieces.


A lifelong love of any and everything ‘artsy’ led Lorna to finally begin studying fine arts in 2017.  She had always had the desire, but also had the suspicion that once she started, it would become an obsession that would consume much of her already busy life.  She was not wrong, and continues to surprise herself about what is possible.

Inspired by an endless number of mediums and subjects, Lorna is still discovering her niche in the vast means of interpret, capture and display.  She is enjoying the journey to its fullest!!

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