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The mission of Mont St. Joseph Home (MSJ) is “To give and receive care and compassion for mind, body and spirit based on Catholic ethics and Christian values.” In keeping with its Mission Statement, MSJ values artwork for its contribution to the health of mind and spirit, and includes art activities for its residents in its programming. See their website for details about “Artists at Home”. The halls at MSJ are adorned with residents’ artwork, and some of ours will soon be added!

“Service Above Self” is the motto of the Rotary Club. Rotarians seek to address relevant social issues to change lives and build goodwill. (For example, they support Mont St. Joseph Foundation!) Some of the proceeds of the Kyla event will be used to establish a Restorative Action Program in PA. In partnership with police, RAP facilitators will support the social and emotional wellbeing of youth, dealing with issues such as bullying, physical violence, crime, mental health, substance abuse, suicide, and self-harm.
The Rotary Club of PA meets Mondays at noon at the Travelodge. All are welcome! Come learn about Rotary!

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