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Kyla is delighted to welcome guest artists to our group. Our guests bring unique skills, dazzling art and fresh perspectives. We encourage you to check out their work in our shop.

Molly pic.jpg

Molly is a self-taught artist from La Ronge who paints northern landscapes.  She loves to see how people react when she brings them the northern landscape in all its beauty, and considers this a personal gift.  Her respect for nature motivates her to create a permanent record of it in a changing world.

Janaya 1b.jpg

Raised on a farm northeast of Prince Albert and having toured with a family band for most of her life, Janaya has always been rooted in the arts and the outdoors. After returning to her home province after many years away, she simultaneously became a mother and embarked on her journey as a landscape artist and pyrographer. Her work is vibrant, earthy, and deeply nostalgic for anyone who grew up on the prairies. Janaya looks forward to expanding her horizons and joining the fine arts community, while remaining active in the music scene as well.


Reanne is a Saskatchewan-born visual artist currently residing in La Ronge. Reanne works with multiple medias in acrylic, oils, 3D fabric/felt, beadwork, wool. Reanne draws her inspiration from music & world-concepts.

Beryl pic.jpg

After Beryl left the University of Regina, she became an art teacher, while also continuing her painting career.  Tom Thompson and Emily Carr are her inspiration as well as her love of nature and animals.  By experimenting, the thrill is to find out, after many layers, what is being revealed and going with it.  Her passion is acrylic paint but also oil, watercolor, mixed medium and sculpture.  Connecting related and unrelated objects into a landscape is her expressive way to communicate.  She now lives in Smeaton SK

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